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Make the Most of Your Dealership’s

Exposure with Featured Ads

Guarantee that your dealership gets excellent exposure by placing geo-targeted scrolling inventory ads at the top of the buyer’s search results and on the desktop homepage. These highly visible placements will make sure that your inventory catches the eyes of interested buyers as they’re browsing, securing more leads for you!


By using Featured Ads to put your inventory front and center, you’ll receive:

  • More email leads

  • Increased page views

  • Boosted search results impressions

Get the Most Value from Your Enhanced Ads

  • Make Sure Your Enhanced Ads Never Go Unused
    The Enhanced Ads Auto Selector will automatically assign your Enhanced Ads to your most in-demand units. Plus, you can create “filters” for specific units you want to highlight, which prompts the Enhanced Auto Selector to prioritize those types of units from your inventory.

  • Get A Comparative Overview With the Enhanced Ads Report
    Get a real-time look at how your Enhanced Ads are performing in comparison to your standard ads without leaving TraderTraxx. Compare the number of connections, search results page impressions, and vehicle details page views.

RV_Enhanced Ads Auto Selector

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