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2023 RV Consumer Trends Report

Arm Your Dealership With Rich Insights

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Having a deep knowledge of your consumer and the trends that motivate them is a critical aspect of attracting and engaging buyers as they move through your funnel. To help you build the most effective sales strategy in 2023, RV Trader is sharing comprehensive data around buyer demographics, buying behavior, and the purchase journey in a new Consumer Trends Report.

What’s Included In The Report?


Insights around consumers’ preferences, including their most valuable research tool, which seasons ranked highest for RV purchases, consumers’ biggest pain points, and more.


Data-backed marketplace trends around top consumer searches, research and buying habits, consumer personas, and more.


Recommendations from our in-house experts on how to leverage this data to strengthen your marketing and sales strategy.

Download this comprehensive report for access to RV Trader’s exclusive data and insights.